AREVA on strike on June 2, 2015 significant mobilization !

, par YannP

information on AREVA strike on June 2, 2015 :

60% of 29,000 french AREVA employees on strike today

street demonstrations on all sites

defense of employment and collective guarantees

with FO and IndustriAll

(photos below)

Cherbourg (Normandy)

Pierrelatte (Rhône-Alpes)

La Défense (Paris)

Marcoule (Languedoc-Roussillon) Entrée principale

Marcoule (Languedoc-Roussillon) MELOX

Lyon (Rhône-Alpes)

Saint-Marcel/Chalon sur Saône (Bourgogne)

Malvési/Narbonne (Languedoc-Roussillon)